Customer References

November 25, 2003

“Randy, I would like to compliment your thoroughness and professionalism. As an investor, I have found your inspections very useful in determining whether to buy or not to buy a home. Your service has helped me make sound business decisions, ultimately making me (or saving me) time and money.”


Gary Bisha


December 8, 2003


Randy Irwin is very thorough.  We have used his services three times now.  He has told us about everything that was happening with each property that we were considering.  He has kept us from making big mistakes and aided us in making a sound one.  We strongly recommend Randy to anyone considering a property.  He allows you to make a sound decision by providing you with all of the information that the current property owner may or may not want you to know.  An example of this can be found below:

          My wife and I were considering purchasing an older property.  The property was built in the 1970s.  I thought that we had selected the perfect property because to the untrained eye it was a perfect house.  The overall appearance of the house led us to believe that the owners had done everything necessary to properly maintain the property throughout the years.  What Randy unveiled through his inspection of the house was that there was a great deal of evidence pointing towards severe water damage and that the entire roof needed replacing.  In fact, Randy showed us parts of the exterior of the house where the damage was so severe that he could actually poke his finger straight through the spongy wood siding.  In the attic, he found a water pan that the owners used to catch the water that made its way through the leaking roof.  In the Seller’s Disclosure, the owners stated that they had performed roof repairs. This was such a significant find to us that we were able to ask the current owners for either money towards repairs or deduction in the agreed upon price.  The owners did not want to do any further negotiating, so we walked away from this property before we took on the costly repairs ourselves.  Randy exposed this cover up job performed by the owners.  They had the complete interior and exterior of the house painted instead of performing the repairs that really mattered.


Thanks Randy!

Glen Robinson and Ebony Saunders


January 10, 2004


Mr. Irwin:


It is with much gratitude that I highly recommend Signature Inspections to anyone considering the sale of their home.  Having been a first time seller, I was uncertain as to the procedure of placing a home on the market and determining the asking price.  I truly appreciated your honesty and detailed analysis of my house.  I found your inspection report extremely beneficial.  It was easy to understand, and the accompanying photographs of the problem areas provided me with a visual reference guide when I went to have the problem areas repaired.  I thank you for your professionalism and dedication to your profession.  Since meeting with you and reviewing your report, I’ve learned a great deal about the construction and condition of my house.  I recommend that any homeowner, regardless if they are considering selling their home, have such an inspection performed periodically in order to prevent serious unseen deterioration of their home.  Again, thank you for your competence and expert opinion.  Your company is a great asset to anyone in the realty market.





Dora Gonzalez











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